Alexander Crowe

Monstrous Scourge


“Have you ever been afraid of someone?
I’ve never been afraid of no one
I do not fear”
Stereomud,(Raven)End of Everything

Real Name: ??
Aliases: Alexander Crowe
Titles: The Scourge of New York
Sire: ??
Clan: Gangrel (Though rumors abound)
Apparent Age:35
Appearance: A gigantic muscular albino man of Native American descent. He is missing two fingers from his right hand and has scars across his chest, arms and near his right eye. He is usually seen wearing a large custom-made armored trench-coat and carrying a massive two handed silvered edged sword.


The history behind vampire who would become one of the most feared Scourges of New York city is shrouded in the darkness of the past. He is seen by many as an unchained beast. Being judge, jury and executioner to kindred entering the city for the first time or to any resident of the city who displeases the Prince…

“He absolutely will not stop … until you are dead.”
Michael Biehn … The Terminator

Alexander Crowe