Nosferatu Knowledge Broker


Real Name: Alexei Nikolaevich Borghaff
Aliases: Alexander Baron Nikolos
Titles/Nicknames:Alex, Nick, Nix
Sire: Auntie Agatha
Clan: Nosferatu
Apparent Age:


Alexei Borgaff has always been a survivor. He and his parents were taken aboard the trains to Auschwitz, the Nazi death camp. His families only crime was their racial makeup, and he watched both of his parents drug away to die. He vowed to live through this ordeal, and began to practice stealth and misdirection tactics. He used his smaller stature to misdirect attention to others, and found it easy to keep from getting the guards attention. Eventually, his skills grew to the point where he was able to incite crowds of his fellow Jewish prisoners to draw the guards away from his real targets, a weak fence. While they harshly dealt with the rioters, Alexei used a stick to twist and snap the barbed wire fence open. He crawled through, cutting horrible bloody slashes all over his body and face. Still, there was no price for freedom, and free he was – or so he thought.

In the grandest of ironies, Alexei escaped the jaws of death only to fall right into their clutches again. Only this time, it was undeath. While he was in the camp, a vampire of Clan Nosferatu watched his activities, keenly interested in whether or not the resourceful teenager would escape. When he cleverly did, the vampire decided to “reward” him for his efforts. The wicked wounds only endeared him to his soon-to-be sire more. He was embraced there, not even one hundred feet from the edge of the death camp. Free at last, but forever dead.

Alexei barely realized what had happened, and he was far too weak to resist. When his strength finally returned, his sire explained everything and told him of the real world around him. Only a few months later, the camp was overtaken by the allies, and you can be assured that Alexei was there that evening, taking his revenge against the guards.

He adapted well to his new form and new life. Stealth had always been one of his keenest talents, and he was an adept student. He and his sire spent the next several decades together until Alexei was more than capable on his own. He moved around a lot, experiencing the world around him, watching, but forever unable to be a part of it.

Alexei is kind but cautious to most. He makes a living bartering information to those that need it. He still bears a deep seated hatred for any supernaturals that came from or live to the ideas of the Nazi regime. He is both patient and resourceful, keeping to the fringes of society while creating vast spy networks of animals, ghouls, cameras and computer networks. Little happens without him having some passing knowledge of it.