“Walk while ye have the light, lest darkness come upon you.”
St. John, 12:35

Time grows thin as Gehenna grows near and strange things move about in the shadows…

The Chronicle is set in New York, in the year 2035. Technology has not improved drastically, although a few things that were possibilities in 2012 are completely worked out by the time of the chronicle. Not everything works just as we might have thought, though…but those are things you’ll learn more about during the course of the chronicle. For now, all you need to know is that the mortal population of New York (and the World) has increased by a staggering amount. Almost all research and technology over the last 23 years has been devoted to increasing food and water resources and it has been done…but the Kindred are dwindling, bound by frustration in what should be a land of plenty. Few know what really happened, and no one knows everything. Those that are around from the last century have only an inkling of knowledge of what happened and is still happening… half rumors, half speculation. Something creeps slowly through the world. If Gehenna came, some say, then it did not come as a thunderbolt, bringing sudden doom and justice, Instead, it came as a disease, bringing a slow, painful, and mysterious end. Although the true Camarilla exist now only in the minds and hearts of hopeful dreamers, the Masquerade has never been stronger. Kindred, for the first time in millennia, feel fear of something other than themselves. What exactly is happening and what it is your characters have to fear will be explored in the course of the chronicle. Different clans and sects have different perspectives, and they keep their beliefs hidden for each other. The darkness gathers about threatening to envelope everything in the Mouth of Shadows…



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